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Malacca Sea Snake Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Hydrophis caerulescens
Family : Elapidae
Order : Squamata
Class : Reptilia
Phylum : Chordata
Other Name : Dwarf Sea Snake, Many Toothed Sea Snake
Habitat : Marine
Description : Anterior part of body in Dwarf Sea Snake is very slender and very small black head present.It is bluish or grayish blue dorsally and merging to yellowish ventrally along with 35-58 deep bluish-black crossbands which are well defined in younger specimens but obscure in older specimen.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by: Hajbun Tasnim Preety,Department of Zoology,University of Dhaka ; information source:wikipedia.org; photo credit and copyright:indiabiodiversity.org, more information please contact with u